New combinations in Prometheum genus

According to a recent study some Prometheum and Sedum spp in Turkey were assigned to a new genus, namely Chaloupkaea. The assigned spp are listed below:

Chaloupkaea aizoon (Fenzl) Niederle comb. nov. (=Prometheum aizoon)

Chaloupkaea chrysantha (Boiss. & Heldr.) Niederle comb. nov. (=Prometheum chrysanthum)

Chaloupkaea chrysantha (Boiss. & Heldr.) Niederle subsp. uludaghensis (Kaynak , Yılmaz & Daşkın) Niederle comb. nov.

Chaloupkaea muratdaghensis (Kit Tan) Niederle comb. nov. (=Prometheum muratdaghense)

Chaloupkaea pisidica (Niederle) Niederle comb. nov. (=Sedum pisidicum)

Chaloupkaea rechingeri (C.A.Jansson) Niederle comb. nov. (=Prometheum rechingeri)

Chaloupkaea serpentinica (Werderm.) Niederle comb. nov. (=Prometheum serpentinicum)

Written by Riyat Gül
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