Lunaria annuua


Lunaria annua


subsp. annua
Annual to biennial. Stems 25-35 cm, below sparsely, above densely setose hairy. Basal leaves opposite, and petiolate; stem leaves alternate and subsessile to sessile, 5-6 x 3-4.5 cm, cordate, margins irregularly and coarsely dentate; apex acute and hairy. Inflorescence paniculate, setose and puberulent. Pedicels 7-8 mm long. Sepals 7-8 mm, violet. Petals c. 20 x 5 mm, violet. Fruiting pedicels 12-14 mm long. Fruits 20-35 x 15-25 mm, elliptic to circular in outline, valves thin-walled, net-veined,  glabrous. Carpophores c. 10 mm long. Styles c. 6 mm long, glabrous. Seeds c. 2 mm long, 2-3 in each loculus. Fl. 4. Pustutes, 250 m .
SE. Europe but commonly naturalized or causal elsewhere in Europe.