Noccaea caespitosa


Aethionema caespitosa


Demet kayagülü
Dwarf, densely caespitose perennial with simple flowering stems 2-3 cm. Leaves firm, glabrous, at least some scarious-margined, keeled, acute, slightly heterophyllous with narrow linear basal leaves and broader cauline leaves. Petals lavender or rose, 6,5-7 x 3,5-4 mm, oblong-spathulate to obovate. Median honey glands present. Filaments slender, neither winged, connate nor dentate; anthers apiculate. Inflorescence subcapitate, scarcely elongating in fruit. Ovary 2-locular, 3-4-ovulate. Fruiting pedicels erect-ascending, 3-5 mm. Siliculae narrow-elliptic, not winged, 9-10 x 2,5-4 mm; septum 7-8 x 2 mm; style 0,5 mm. Seeds 2-3, not mucilaginous, smooth. Fl. 4-6. Rocky slopes, 2200-2900 m.
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