Amaranthus graecizans

 Amaranthus graecizans


 Glabrous or weakly crisply hairy annual up to 70 cm. Leaves 2-4 x 1-2 cm, ovate or rhombic-elliptic or linear-lanceolate, acute or rarely obtuse , emarginate, mucronate, not or scarcely white-margined. Inflorescences all axillary. Bracteoles oval, acuminate. Perianth segments of the female flowers 3, ovate-lanceolate, acute, mucronate, 1,3-2 mm, whitish, membranous with a green middle nerve. Fruit 1,5-2 mm, somewhat wrinkled, clearly dehiscent. Fl. 5-7. Sandy and waste places as a weed of cultivated land, s.l.

1-Leaves elongate or obovate to linear-Ianceolate, 3-6 x longer than broad var. graecizans

1-Leaves ovate to rhombic-elliptic, less than 2 x longer than broad var. sylvestris

Native in the Mediterranean area, but easily introduced.