Anthemis kotschyana

Anthemis kotschyana

Koç papatyası

Greyish pubescent herb with somewhat woody rootstock. Stems 10-25 cm, ± erect, 1-headed or often branched near base, upper 1/3 or 2/3 naked, sometimes subscapose, foliate below. Leaves 2-pinnatisect, ovate or oblong in outline, 1,5-4 cm , primary segments 5-7, 0,5-1 cm, each bearing 3-7 linear-oblanceolate secondary segments, 2-5 x 0,5-0,75 mm; upper leaves similar, becoming 1-pinnatisect. Capitula radiate or discoid. Involucre 0,75-1 cm broad; phyllaries ovate-lanceolate, 2-4 mm, 0,75 mm broad at base, sparsely to moderately pubescent, shortly scarious at apices, margins pale- or dark-margined. Ligules, when present, 12-20, yellow, 2-6 x 1,5-3 mm. Disc corollas 2,5-3 mm, somewhat inflated at base at maturity. Achenes 1,5-2 mm, whitish or straw-coloured, obscurely ribbed; corona ± absent or 0,25-0,5 mm, unilateral. Fl. 5-9. In Pinus and Quercus woods, on steppe, chalk cliffs, and on cultivated slopes, 400-2745 m.

1-Ray flowers present

  2-Phyllaries with dark margins var. poecilolepis

  2-Phyllaries with ± pale margins

    3-Ligules 1-3 mm longer than involucre var. kotschyana

    3-Ligules 4-6 mm longer than involucre var. radians

1-Ray flowers absent var. discoidea