Dionysia zeynepiaeYBGHatay

A new Dionysia from Hatay province

A new Dionysia, D. zeynepiae was discovered and has been published recently by Yelda Güzel, Assoc. Prof., in Phytotaxa. Now we have 4 Dionysias in Turkey !!

Written by Riyat Gül
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Muscari erzincanicumIEkerErzincan2

50th Muscari

A new Muscari, which was formerly classified under M. massayanum has been published as a new species by İ. Eker, Assoc. Prof. in Phytotaxa. The new species, Muscari erzincanicum is clearly different from the former sp by many characters. We congratulate the author.

Written by Riyat Gül
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Eleocharis divaricata030

A new Eleocharis

A new Eleocharis (E. divaricata) has been discovered in Antalya by David Merrick, a citizen scientist, living in Antalya, and been published by Mustafa Keskin, Botanist. We congratulate them. The article can be downloaded here.

Written by Riyat Gül
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