Alkanna strigosaHY2

New records for Turkey’s flora

Two new records for Turkey’s flora were published in the 3rd issue of “Bağbahçe Bilim dergisi”. Alkanna strigosa by Hasan Yıldırım & Corispermum nitidum by Mustafa Keskin et. al. By those records the Alkanna spp are increased to 38 and Corispermum spp to 3 in total. We congratulate the authors and our “Citizen scientists”, Maruf Balos in Şanlıurfa and Erol Kafas in Hatay, who helped the authors in the field works. The articles can be downloaded HERE.

Written by Riyat Gül
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A new Ebenus

A new species of Ebenus, Ebenus zekiyeae which had been recently discovered in Erzurum province by Assoc. Prof Hasan Yıldırım & recognized  by Prof. Zeki Aytaç has been published. The Ebenus genus which is centered in Anatolia contains 13 species plus the new one, of which all are endemics. There are only six spp outside Turkey. The article can be downloaded HERE.

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Peucedanum guvenianumHY

Peucedanum guvenianum

A new species to Science, “Peucedanum guvenianum, Yıldırım & H.Duman” has been published recently. We congratulate both of authors. The article can be downloaded here.

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ahmet duran

The discovery of Prof. Ahmet Duran

The pleasure of Prof. Ahmet Duran, one of the Scientists whom we proud of, can be seen while he confirmed that the plant belongs to Apiaceae which has been suspected by Mehmet Tosunoğlu since 2014, a veteran member of the "Flora" group, is happened to be a "new species to Science". Bolu, October 2017. We look forward for the paper. We congratulate both of them heartily.


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