Galanthus plicatus

Galanthus plicatus

Boğaz kardeleni

subsp. byzantinus

Bulb subglobose to ovoid, 2-3 x 1.7-2 cm. Leaves narrowly oblanceolate to strap-shaped, margins explicative in bud, sometimes only slightly revolute at maturity, 12-17 x 1-1.5 cm at anthesis, to 29-30 x 1.8 cm and upright at maturity, apex obtuse, cucullate, glaucous, often with a paler central band on upper surface. Scape 9-22 cm. Outer perianth segments convex, elliptic to obovate, 20-28 x 6-12 mm, inner segments flat, not flared at apex, oblong-spathulate, 8 x 4-7 mm, with separate green patches at base and apex, sometimes joined in centre. Filaments 0.5-1 mm, anthers 6-7 mm. Capsule ellipsoid to subglobose, 16 x 12 mm. Fl. 1-4. Open turf or margins of Abies and Fagus forest in deep leaf-mould, 45-1100 m.

Endemic. Euxine element. Subsp. plicatus differs only in the absence of a basal green patch on the inner segments.

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