Astragalus amplolepis

Astragalus amblolepis

Küt geven

Syn: A.psilacmos,A.wartoensis
Cushion-forming shrub, 20-30 cm. Leaf rachis spiny, 5-15 cm, curved. Leaflets 15-25 mm, narrowly elliptic, spine-tipped, densely simple-adpressed-tomentose, grey, sometimes becoming glabrescent with age, 5-7-paired. Stipules 10-15 mm, ovate-triangular, white-tomentose. Flowers sessile, 5-10 per leaf axil. Inflorescence ovoid, 2-4 cm diam., 20-50-flowered. Bracts 7-8 mm, ovate-oblong to broadly ovate, white-tomentose. Bracteoles absent, or 1-3 mm, linear, white-tomentose. Calyx 7-9 mm, densely and shortly white-villous. Corolla dark pink; standard 12-15 rnm, abruptly contracted below the auricles. FI. 6-8. Hilly steppe, pasture, open woods, 810-1850 m.
N. Iraq. Ir.-Tur. element. 
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