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Rediscovery: Echinops pannosus

Echinops pannosus, which has known only from one collection in 1936 (in monte Tauro, aestate 1836, Kotschy 282) has already been collected again by Prof. Cem Vural, Erciyes University, from Cehennem deresi, Mersin. It has been stated that the species grows in clearings of Cedrus and Juniperus forests in 2000m. Congratulations Prof. Vural.

Written by Riyat Gül
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Polygala azizsancarii2

Dedicated to Aziz Sancar

A newly published Polygala sp found in Mardin province, Turkey, has been dedicated to Prof. Aziz Sancar, a Nobel prize winner in Chemistry, 2017, who was born in Mardin as Polygala azizsancarii. The paper can be downloaded HERE.

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Alkanna strigosaHY2

New records for Turkey’s flora

Two new records for Turkey’s flora were published in the 3rd issue of “Bağbahçe Bilim dergisi”. Alkanna strigosa by Hasan Yıldırım & Corispermum nitidum by Mustafa Keskin et. al. By those records the Alkanna spp are increased to 38 and Corispermum spp to 3 in total. We congratulate the authors and our “Citizen scientists”, Maruf Balos in Şanlıurfa and Erol Kafas in Hatay, who helped the authors in the field works. The articles can be downloaded HERE.

Written by Riyat Gül
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